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Posts from the ‘Google’ Category


What is Google Now?

Google Now will figure out things that are happening in the moment.  Read moreRead more

google io

Google IO is Happening Right Now, Live

If you are interested in new products coming out of Google, you might want to tune into Google IO right now. Read moreRead more

browser for you

Which Browser is the Right Browser to Surf the Internet

Today, they’re many different options when you’re surfing the Internet. The only option out there is not just Internet Explorer, in fact probably the worst option while surfing the web. Read moreRead more

Google Drive

Google Announces Google Drive: Documents in the Cloud

To start off they are offering a free 5GB plan to store your documents.  You can upgrade to 20 GB for 5 dollars and the plans go up from there. Read moreRead more


What Tablet Should I Buy? Androids, Apple and Amazon . . .Oh My!

With so many different tablets on the market, it can be pretty confusing which one you should choose. There are two major types of tablets competing in the market today. Read moreRead more

self driving car

Google Self Driving Car:The Future has Arrived

It has been a little over 100 years since the gasoline automobile was introduced. In that time we have really taken leaps and bounds in the car industry. Read moreRead more

Google Play

Google Play: Incorporates All of Your Entertainment

Google is launching a new service that incorperates all of your music, movies and books and more into one amazing account. It’s called Google Play. Read moreRead more


2011 Year in Review – Compliments to Google

In the final words of Steve Jobs, “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow”.  What a year 2011 has been.   Read moreRead more


Youtube Gets a New Look

This past week Youtube got an overhaul to the design of the website.  This is Google’s effort to have a consistent look to the entire fleet of services.   Read moreRead more


Google Music Store Goes Live

This week Google Music went live and out of beta.  Originally you were able to upload your music via the Google Music Manager.  At that point you were not able to buy music. Read moreRead more


Tips From Google Staying Safe on the Web

Here is a great site to promote online saftey for your friends and family.  The video below goes into this a little bit more. It is very important that you educate yourself and your family about online safety. Read moreRead more


Gmail Gets Relaunched With New Interface-lift

This past week, Gmail has gotten relaunched to all it’s users via self guided option.  On the bottom right side of the Gmail window you have a choice whether you want to move forward with the new look and feel. Read moreRead more


Google has Brought the Dead Sea Scrolls online

In an ongoing effort to organize the worlds information, Google has really done a great job with this last project. This one is really admirable.  They have taken The Dead Sea Scrolls and put them online for us all to see.   Read moreRead more

Copyright Google All Rights Reserved

New Look for Google Docs

Today, on Twitter, Google posted that they are adding a new look to Google Docs.   Read moreRead more


Now you can see Weather in Google Maps

I am not sure why this wasn’t a feature in Google Maps a long time ago?  I guess it is pretty convenient  t0 see the weather in your area.  You can now turn on the option for weather in Google Maps. Read moreRead more

results google hotel

New Travel Website: Google Hotel Finder

One of the newest tools coming to us from Google for travel is Google Hotel Finder. Now Google Hotel Finder is still just an experiment however you can really use this as a great planning tool. Read moreRead more


Make multiple calls in Gmail

As I always say, Google keeps on making things better and more efficient. First they introduced free calling within Gmail. Then they extended free calling. Read moreRead more


New Look to Google Calendar

This week Google has changed up the look to their calendar application.  I am a avid user of using the Calendar Feature.  And that comes primarily because I am a big fan of using web based email as my go to platform for email.  I used to use Outlook and I really haven’t needed outlook for being in email land.   Read moreRead more

Photo Credit: Google

Google now supports. . . .Wedding Websites!?

Google Weddings is a new service offered for people tying the knot.  These days having a website for an upcoming wedding is a great idea for keeping all of your guests up to date with all of the information on your special day. Read moreRead more

Photo Credit: Google/Google Chrome

Google Chrome: Safer, Faster . . . Better(video)


I have been an avid computer user for more than 20 years.  It started with a Tandy, from the neighborhood Radio Shack.  With this product you had to code your own programs and it took days. Read moreRead more

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